Security Awareness Conference

Criminals are using the latest technologies and techniques to commit crimes, it is expected that employees, security personnel, and corporations will also use the next generations’ technology and techniques to best respond to the wide variety of complex crimes with a high level of effectiveness and professionalism.


The Security Awareness Conference is designed for all citizens to develop the expertise to identify threats, abide by safety precautions to make them less vulnerable to criminal activities. The program which was initiated by Doyen's Leverage in January 2019 as contribution to the sefaty and security of Ghana.

The training methodology will involve PowerPoint presentations, videos, relevant case studies, and practical interactions. You can expect to be well informed and equipped with the modus operandi of the criminals.

The conference will cover the following modules:

  1. Civilian Anti-Human Trafficking Techniques.

  2. Civilian Anti-kidnapping techniques.

  3. Current Contraband trafficking Operandi

  4. Current Environmental Security threats.

  5. Current Technological Threats.

  6. Basic Profiling Techniques.

  7. Home and Travel Safety

  8. Counterterrorism techniques

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The Topics

Counterterrorism Techniques

While terrorism is not new to the international community, recent terrorist attacks have raised the issue of detection of explosives and have generated a great demand for rapid, sensitive and reliable methods for detecting hidden explosives.

Civilian Anti-Human Trafficking Techniques

Criminals make about 99 bilion dollars a year by enslaving others, we will show you how and the techniques to counter it.

Contranband Trafficking Where Innocent Victims are Used

Do you know that about 6 out of 10 suspects arrested for drugs carries were not even aware that they were carrying drugs?

Criminals have acquired and are using new techniques to lured innocent victims into doing their dirty business for them without them even knowing.

Home Safety

How safe and secure is your home? We will cover this into details.

Civilian Anti-Kidnapping Techniques

Simple anti-kidnapping techniques will be deploy to assist citizen from attacks.

Technological Threats

Threats posed by morden technologies are many, we will cover the most important aspects.